Is a Replacement Conservatory Roof Worth it?

‘Are replacement conservatory roofs really worth the money?’; that's a question that we hear and see a lot! Below we've explained why the installation of a Guardian Warm Roof really is worth the cost and time that it takes to install! 

Common concerns about replacing your conservatory roof

The cost of a replacement conservatory roof

The cost of installing a replacement tiled conservatory roof is always the first thing that comes to mind and is always the first hurdle, especially if you have only recently had your conservatory installed. 

The process of installing a replacement conservatory roof

The actual installation of a replacement tiled conservatory roof and the process involved is the second hurdle. Whilst the process is not lengthy and lasts only a few days, we understand that the time during the installation can be stressful, which is why we'll always aim to keep our mess to a minimum. 

The benefits of replacing your conservatory roof

The above are common hurdles, but below explains why installing a replacement conservatory roof is worth it in the end..!

A usable conservatory

By installing a tiled roof on your conservatory you can comfortably use the conservatory all year round. Conservatories with tiled roofs regulate heat much better, so won’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in winter and more importantly, your conservatory will finally feel like another room in your house, rather than wasted space.

The replacement roof will blend in better

We offer a range of colours and styles for conservatory roofing so we can match your Guardian Warm Roof with the roof on your house. Glass or polycarbonate roofs stand out considerably and can look really out of place; you needn't worry about this anymore with your new conservatory roof. 

Financial benefits

The cost of the new roof can be off putting and is generally the biggest concern, but the initial price is always offset by long-term financial benefits. For instance, with a tiled conservatory roof you will no longer need to put the heater on full throughout the winter in order to use the space, meaning you can save a lot on your winter energy bills. As well as this, the appearance of your conservatory can have a huge impact if you ever come to sell your house. It will add value to your property and can become a real selling point.

Looking to install a tiled conservatory roof in Northampton?

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