How to Keep Your Conservatory Bright with a Tiled Roof

"If my conservatory doesn't have a polycarbonate or glass roof, will it be a lot darker inside?" "Will natural lighting be an issue with a tiled/solid roof conservatory?" If these are the kind of questions you've been asking yourself before considering the installation of a tiled/solid roof conservatory, then read on. 
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Keeping your conservatory bright...

Below are just some of the ways you can make your tiled/solid roof conservatory brighter...

Installing sky lights on your conservatory roof

If you have a tiled roof installed on your conservatory, the room will be naturally bright anyway as the huge glass windows and doors will allow for lots of natural light to enter the space. However, another way to increase the passage of natural light into the room is to install sky lights. Sky lights are great because you needn't worry about wasting money on operating or maintaining them, just let them do their job. 

Here at Martindale Warm Roofs we can install sky lights that perfectly blend into your tiled conservatory roof. 

Reflective Surfaces

Believe it or not, increasing the amount of reflective surfaces that are in your conservatory can reduce the amount of light lost. For example, you could consider investing in a glass table or large mirrors; allowing the light to bounce around the room. 

Brighter Furniture

The final point we would like to make regarding how to keep your conservatory bright, is that you could invest in brighter furniture; especially useful if you've only recently had your conservatory built and are looking to go furniture shopping in the near future. The brighter the furniture, the brighter your conservatory will feel. So, make sure to choose light colours when you're looking at floors, walls or maybe curtains and furniture like sofas, tables and chairs. 

Looking to install a tiled roof on your conservatory? 

If you're looking to either have a brand new conservatory installed with a solid/tiled roof or you're looking to replace your current conservatory roof with a solid/tiled roof, then get in touch with us! 

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