Different Styles for Your Conservatory

From replacing your existing conservatory to erecting a brand new conservatory for your property in Northampton, which style conservatory (and tiled roof) will you choose? From Victorian to Edwardian, P-Shaped to Gable Ended, find the conservatory to suit your needs..!

Conservatory Styles 

Whether you're replacing your current conservatory or are in the process of building a new conservatory, it's important you choose the right one! From protecting you from harsh weather to providing additional light and brightness and even simply just looking the part, you must consider the various options at your disposal. 

Edwardian Conservatories

More of a rectangular shape, Edwardian style conservatories essentially maximise a much larger living space for your conservatory. So, whether you're a growing family or looking to make use of a lot more space for your conservatory, an Edwardian style is for you and your property. 

Victorian Conservatories

This versatile conservatory typically features a three or five facet finish and is one of the most popular conservatory choices because it can adapt to all kinds of properties. From period built homes to new builds, if you're looking for a conservatory that can look the part and do the job, the Victorian style conservatory is definitely for you. 

Gable Ended Conservatories

Representing the characteristics of the Georgian Era, Gable-Ended conservatories are well-known for the height they bring to your conservatory; along with the natural light they can bring to your conservatory. For space, height and a beautiful style of conservatory, Gable-ended conservatories could be the answer.  

Lean-To Conservatories

Lean-To conservatories are noticeable by their sloping roof style. They are designed to maximise space towards the rear of the property and can feature either one or two hips. Again, great for space, if you're looking for a great conservatory that does the job, consider Lean-to as an option. 

P-Shaped Conservatories

Great for much larger conservatories, P-Shaped conservatories provide design for multiple rooms under the same conservatory roof! To some extent P-shaped conservatories represent a combination of both Victorian and Lean-to conservatories. Get the most out of your conservatory and have a unique, multi-purpose P-shaped conservatory. 

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In a nutshell, there are variety of options for how your conservatory looks; defeating the misconception that all conservatories look the same and feel the same; too cold or too hot. When in fact, this isn't the case at all and whether you go for a custom design or a P-shaped design, your conservatory can really look the part by installing a tiled conservatory roof on top so you can make use of your new conservatory all year round!

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