Benefits of Choosing a Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof

Until recently, most conservatory roofs have been designed from glass or polycarbonate. That was until 2010, when building regulations changed to allow for the installation of solid tiled roofs, which has subsequently seen more and more homeowners replace their old-style glass/polycarbonate roof with modern roofing tiles.
But why? What are the benefits of solid roof conservatory roof tiles? We've outlined a couple below...

The benefits of tiled conservatory roofing options

Here's why our customers in Northampton have chosen to install a tiled roof on their conservatory...

Sustainable room temperature with a tiled roof

A sustainable room temperature is perhaps the most significant and noticeable benefit of installing a tiled conservatory roof. The extra layers of insulation will help keep your conservatory warm during the winter and the lightweight roof tiles will help block out the sun (and the heat) during the summer, which in turn allows you to make use of your conservatory all year round. 

Reduced energy bills

Linked to the point above, by creating a sustainable room temperature in your conservatory, you can reduce the costs of your utility bills. 

For instance, rather than switch the heating on all day during the winter just to make use of your conservatory at dinner time, you can lower the heating and rely on the extra insulation to keep your conservatory warm instead; particularly noticeable if you're replacing an older glass/polycarbonate conservatory roof.
Likewise, during the summer, you needn't rely on a fan to keep the conservatory cool, you can regulate the temperature by blocking out the sun with the tiled roof. 

Lower your energy bills with a tiled conservatory roof installed by us in Northampton. 

Tiled conservatory roofs block out outdoor sound

Glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs are especially susceptible to letting outdoor noises in. In short, tiled roofs aren't. The extra layers helps block out outdoor sounds and create a comfortable living space. 

Custom designed conservatory roof tiles

Conservatory roof tiles are available in a wide-range of colours and designs, which allows you to easily compliment the colours on your existing home. This ensures that your conservatory looks more like a traditional extension, rather than a temporary add on. 

Add value to your home with a tiled conservatory roof

More and more of our customers across Northampton are asking for a tiled conservatory roof. So, by choosing to installing a tiled roof, you can have confidence that your new conservatory (and new roof) is highly sought after in the market.

Not only that... We are proud members of Guardian Warm Roof and use their materials when installing tiled conservatory roofs. Guardian Warm Roof are the UK’s market leader for tiled conservatory roofs and replacement conservatory roofs, so you know you're getting a quality product from them with a quality service from us, further adding to the value of your home. 

Still not convinced? Speak with our conservatory roof specialists in Northampton...

If you're looking for additional reassurance for why you should install a replacement tiled roof on your conservatory or why you should opt for a tiled roof on your new conservatory, please get in touch with our conservatory roof specialists in Northampton. You can send us a message using our contact form or you can call our Northampton office on 01604 845 264. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.